How to Steal a Wife How to Steal a Wife

Monday 17 November 2014 8:30PM How to Steal a Wife, Canadian Premiere

An upbeat holiday comedy with characters trying to figure out if love is really stronger than money. Can you imagine what would happen if we locked a woman in a small apartment with her husband and her ex? And what if the latter was also accused of stealing and hiding an insane amount of money? Is the "first cut" really the deepest, especially when it involves amounts numbering in millions?

SPECIAL GUEST - Director Donatas Ulvydas

donatas ulvydas

Donatas Ulvydas graduated in Film Directing in 1998 at the Lithuania Music Academy, Film and TV department, in Vilnius. How to Steal a Wife is the seventh feature lenght of this freelance director with over ten years of experience making commercials, music videos, and films.


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  • Vukovar Film Festival 2014
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