EUFF 2023 | In-Person: Nov. 16 - Nov. 30 | Online: Dec. 1 - 17

greetings from the

Welcome to the European Union Film Festival!

Once again, it is time to get together for our annual European Union Film Festival!

We are delighted to invite you to enjoy this annual cultural mix from Europe, a continent home to 450 million people that celebrate every day it’s motto, United in Diversity.

Since its beginning, the EUFF has built a very strong and solid reputation amongst culture lovers and especially film lovers in Toronto. The silver screen has always been a place where fiction and fantasy combine to give the spectators hours of entertainment.  We firmly believe that this year’s edition will mark a true return to hours of togetherness.

Canada and the member states of the European Union share many essential things, notably values such as freedom, tolerance, pluralism, and democracy. This is particularly important, especially today when Europe witnesses the return of barbarism at its frontiers due to the Russian war against Ukraine.  

Ever since films were born, they have been an essential component of our culture. Filmmakers are not just entertainers. They are also witnesses to the evolution of our societies, our civilisation, our traditions and our way of living.

This year’s selection will again be showcased at the Alliance Française de Toronto. We are bringing the best of European contemporary cinema to Toronto, where movie goers are known for their taste for talents and variety.  Toronto is the place where cultures of the world coexist to form a magnificent mosaic. 

Come, relax and enjoy !


The Honorary Consul General of Sweden in Toronto Mr. Lars Henriksson