Ballymun Lullaby Ballymun Lullaby

Wednesday 19 November 2014 6:00PM Ballymun Lullaby

This heart-warming documentary follows the dynamic and funny Ron Cooney who has been working in the Ballymun high-rise housing estate in Dublin for fifteen years, helping his community through music. This music will challenge the negative views many still hold of the area – views that have the potential to hold his students back. The camera follows Ron and composer Daragh O'Toole as they work with their talented students to produce an original, world class collection of music that gives voice to their story, leading to a unique collaboration with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra. What Ron and his students have achieved is simply amazing. Ballymun Lullaby is a story that needs to be heard.

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  • Directors Guild of America’s 2011: Winner for Directors Finders Award
  • Dublin International Film Festival 2011
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