Waltzing Regitze Waltzing Regitze

Tuesday 27 November 2012 6:00PM Waltzing Regitze

An essential Danish film classic, Waltzing Regitze tells the story of a working class marriage that has survived all obstacles because true love and mutual respect always prevailed. Tempestuous Regitze and conformist Karl Aage have lived through wartime hardships and family upheavals. Now, in the twilight of their lives, tragedy casts a shadow over preparations for their annual summer party.

Waltzing Regitze is a beautifully composed and wonderfully acted film about the Danish way of life. The film was a part of the first wave of modern Danish cinema to gain international recognition for Danish filmmaking in the late 1980's and paved the way for contemporary film-makers such as Susanne Bier and Lars von Trier. The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film and was awarded Best Artistic Performance at the 1990 Montreal Film Festival.  It stars two of the most beloved and celebrated Danish actors , Frits Helmuth and Ghita Nørby, and as time passes Waltzing Regitze has become an essential classic in Danish film.

  • Original Title: Dansen med Regitze
  • Country: Denmark
  • Director: Kaspar Rostrup
  • Language: Danish with subtitles in English
  • Runtime: 83 minutes
  • Release Date: 1989

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Awards and Festivals

  • Academy Awards 1990 - Denmark Nominee, Best Foreign Language
  • Montréal Film Festival 1990 - Best Artistic Performance
  • Bodil Awards, Danish Film Institute - Best Film of the Year, Best Male Actor, Best Female Actor, Best Supporting Male Actor, Best Supporting Female Actor
  • Roberts Awards, Association of Danish Cinema Distributors - Best Film, Best Male Actor, Best Female Actor
  • Stills Gallery