The Ambassador to Bern The Ambassador to Bern

Tuesday 25 November 2014 8:30PM The Ambassador to Bern, Toronto Premiere

Attila Szász's political thriller chronicles the day of August 16, 1958, when
two Hungarian immigrants break into the Hungarian embassy in Bern and take the
ambassador hostage. As the Swiss police surrounds the building and a group of Hungarian immigrants shows up on the street to demonstrate, a tense, twist-filled hostage drama plays out behind the closed doors of the embassy. The screenplay by Norbert Köbli (author of last year EUFF Hungarian film The Exam) is based on a true story about the aftermath of the 1956 Hungarian revolution.

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Awards and Festivals

  • Montreal World Film Festival 2014: Bronze Zenith Prize for First Fiction Feature Film
  • Mumbai International Film Festival 2014
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