Reflections in the Emerald Isle Reflections in the Emerald Isle

Saturday 23 November 2013 5:00PM Reflections in the Emerald Isle

A young man is in Ireland to shoot a historical documentary of the country. However, his Maltese father, a thousand miles away in Canada, is ill.  He travels the landscape, to particular places that highlight the turning points in the nation's story. As the melancholic images inspire him, he reflects on the journey of his father and of his own Maltese heritage. Questions of decisions make the young man realize the footprints individuals make in shaping generations of families, nations and the fabric of humanity.



  • Country: Malta
  • Director: Mark Magro
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 30 minutes
  • Release Date: 2013

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Awards and Festivals

  • Kinemastik International Film Festival 2013
  • Moving Images International Film Festival 2012