My Last Year as a Loser My Last Year as a Loser

Tuesday 12 November 2019 6:00PM My Last Year as a Loser, North American Premiere

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Špela is almost thirty. She has graduated in art history but never had a regular job: she only makes money with casual work. Unlike her two best friends who moved abroad years ago and do not intend to return, Špela stubbornly insists on staying in Ljubljana, even though the majority of her social life takes place over Skype. When she ends up on her disappointed parents’ couch without any money, work, or company, she realises that it will be harder than expected to grow up.
  • Original Title: Ne bom več luzerka
  • Country: Slovenia
  • Director: Urša Menart
  • Cast: Eva Jesenovec, Živa Selan, Jurij Drevenšek, Saša Pavček, Branko Završan
  • Genre: Dramedy
  • Language: Slovenian
  • Runtime: 85 minutes
  • Release Date: 2018

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