Mother Knows Best Mother Knows Best

Saturday 17 November 2018 6:00PM Mother Knows Best, North American Premiere

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A typical birthday lunch takes a wrong turn when Ana Luisa begins to reminisce episodes from her childhood and teenage years. In between carrot soups, trips to the beach, advice from her mother, boyfriends and marriages, she thinks about the things that could have changed in her past; however, these recollections will have unforeseeable effects. A family comedy with parallel universes and football fanatics, in a funny portrait of Portugal in the 70s up to now.
  • Original Title: A Mãe é Que Sabe
  • Country: Portugal
  • Director: Nuno Rocha
  • Cast: Joana Pais de Brito, Carmo Saraiva, Filipe Vargas, Maria João Abreu, Adriana Carvalho
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Runtime: 88 minutes
  • Release Date: 2016

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