Klemen Dvornik

Klemen Dvornik ia a graduate of Film and TV production from the Academy for Film, Theater and TV (AGRFT), University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

From 1998 he has worked with the three biggest production houses in Slovenia as a director.

He has directed over 500 tv shows of various genre and themes, including the ceremony for the 20th anniversary celebration of independence of the Republic of Slovenia,  opening ceremony of European Cultural Centre and various live concerts such as Mahler's Symphony No. 8, Joss Stone, Gorilaz, Sidharta, Dan D.

He has directed 10 documentary movies, three short movies and is currently promoting his debut  feature film, Bread and Circuses in Slovenian theatres. Bread and Circuses won the people's choice award for movie of the
year at the 2012 Slovenian Film Festival (FFS).

In 2009 he opened his own production house, Filmservis. From 2010 he has held the post of assistant professor at the AGRFT.