Jameson Cucciardi

Jameson Cucciardi is a Maltese filmmaker. He started working as a video editor with a local TV station after leaving a B. Ed. Course at the University of Malta. After just one year, he started working as an Assistant Director to Mark Doneo on the production Miriana Coljero (2007-08). Two years later, Jameson directed the second season of ‘Marvin’ for the same channel. In 2013, Jameson was among the selected candidates to follow the course StoryWorks given by world class senior tutors. In the same year, he produced and directed his own TV series ‘Maskra’ which aired from October 2013 till March 2014. With 9 years of experience, Jameson directs and edits for local companies. Having directed his short film Hostage, he recently won the Best Director Award at the Malta Short Film Festival.