Dāvis Sīmanis

Davis Simanis is well-known film director and theoretician of his generation. He regularly gives lectures at the Latvian Academy of Culture and the University of Latvia, and teaches courses at other educational institutions in Latvia and Finland. He has directed a number of documentary films that have participated in various major festivals, for example Valkyrie Limited (2009), Sounds under the Sun (2010). His docu-fiction Escaping Riga (2014) premiered internationally at IDFA 2014 and is still screened at film festivals worldwide. Simanis often consults film directors on screenwriting and editing; he writes analytical and philosophic articles on film, is regularly published in the magazines “Rīgas Laiks” and “Studija”. He is a frequent guest on thematic television shows, such as “100 grami kultūras” and “Kinoteka” on Latvian National Television (LTV). Exiled is Davis' first fiction feature.