Alcan Highway Alcan Highway

Saturday 16 November 2013 4:30PM Alcan Highway

Hese is a 44 year-old Finnish man trying to solve the paradox of wanting to be constantly on the move and to find a home to settle down.  To this end, he plans to build a mobile home and find a place to turn off the engine for good.  He travels from Finland to Anchorage, Alaska, customizes a 60 year-old truck with his friends and drives to Vancouver Island to seek peace of mind.  At least, that's the plan.

Alcan Highway is a film about a journey, a dream which seems to be coming true. But is it what Hese really wants?

  • Country: Finland
  • Director: Aleksi Salmenper√§
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Language: English, Finnish
  • Runtime: 86 minutes
  • Release Date: 2013

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Awards and Festivals

  • Helsinki International Film Festival 2013
  • Hot Docs 2013
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