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Rober Bell Exclaim November 21, 2012: Courage directed by Greg Zglinski, review

Dan Matheson CTV News November 19, 2012: Interview with Nik Powell November 18, 2012: Interview with Nik Powell

Norman Wilner, Now November 15, 2012: EU Film Festival -A different kind of film festival

Jason Anderson, The Grid November 15, 2012: European Union Film Festival

Gesilayefa Azorbo, Blogto November 14, 2012: 5 films to see at the European Union Film Festival 2012

James McNally, Toronto Screen Shots November 13, 2012: European Union Film Festival 2012

Brandy Dean, Toronto Film Scene November 13, 2012: The European Union Film Festival Launches on November 14, 2012

David Eng, Chinokino November 13, 2012: European Union Film Festival Toronto 2012, Nov 14-27



James McNally, Toronto Screen Shots November 20, 2011: European Union Film Festival 2011

Aberdeen Barry, the newspaper November 17, 2011: Economic, Political and Artistic Union - The European Union Film Festival is growing (unlike its currency)

Norm Wilner, Now November 17, 2011: Here's What to See at the EU Fest

Lauren Morocco, blogto November 17, 2011: 5 films to catch at the European Union Film Festival

Adam Nayman, The Grid November 16, 2011:  European Union Film Festival

Cate Kustanczy, digitaljournal November 16, 2011: EU Film Fest Starts Tomorrow Night in Toronto

Raphaël Lopoukhine, LE MÉTROPOLITAIN November 9, 2011: La diversité et la cohésion au Festival du film européen


TFO 2010 Festival Trailer(in French), december 1, 2010: Βραβεύτηκε το "μικρό έγκλημα"

Andrew Gyorkos, the, November 25, 2010: EU Film Fest gets the Royal treatment

Lauriane Morel de Choq FM parle avec Paul de Vos, consul belge à Toronto, novembre 18, 2010, in French

Norm Wilner, NOW, November 18, 2010:  Excellent EU Festival Flicks May Never Get Distribution

Raphaël Lopoukhine, ·LE MÉTROPOLITAIN, November 3, 2010: Un autre cinéma, un autre regard

Claire Le Masne speaks to Line Boily from Radio-Canada, in French

Julien Tran, camera & Aurélien Offner, edits: October 28, 2010 Media Launch Video


Watch the TFO Festival Trailer 2009 in English / in French

Le MétropolitainNovember 25, 2009: Le Festival Européen prend son envol

Paola Bernardini, Corriere Canadese Weekend Tandem November 22, 2009: Sharp satires on the plight of young employees - Italian movies by Paolo Virzì and Davide Marengo part of European Film Festival in Toronto

Kieran Grant and Jason Anderson, Eye Weekly November 19, 2009:  Cinema Free Europe

Correo Canadiense November 18, 2009: 'Bajo las estrellas', en festival de cine europeo November 18, 2009: EU Film Festival Screens Excellent European Cinema (for Free!)

Paola Bernardini, November 17, 2009: I giovani precari all'Eh!U di Toronto - Due commedie crude e ironiche sui laureati e disillusi costretti a lavori a singhiozzo

TFO Cinéclub November 13, 2009: Yves Étienne Massicote parle du film 'For a Moment of Freedom' 

James McNally, Toronto Screen Shots October 28, 2009: Eh! U European Film Festival

Le Métropolitain, October 28, 2009: Un Prophète" et "Le Ruban Blanc" programmés au 5e Festival du Film européen de Toronto

L'express, October 27, 2009: 26 films de 23 pays

Gilber Shea, Cinema Eye,October 21, 2009:Toronto EU Film Fest events calendar

Deutsche Presse
,July 8, 2009: The European Film Festival in Toronto is well and alive, hits the 5-year milestone


Eh!U 2008 Press Book 

"Boasting such a strong lineup this year, and at an unbeatable price,
Eh! U looks like a can’t miss event."
James McNally (Toronto Screen Shots) 

"Bottom line: once the dust has settled from the current frenzy of global political and economic uncertainty and you find yourself in a funk, make a point of stopping in at this year's Eh! U. "
Erol ÖzberK (Toronto-Franco)
 "Was das Festival will, ist die reiche und unterschiedliche Kultur der europaischen Filmproduktion einem kanadischen Publikum nahezubringen... Die kanadische Erstauffuehrungen beleuchten die unterschiedlichen Auffassungen der teilnehmenden Nationen ueber die gleichen Themen: Liebe, Hass und menschliches Miteinander."
Robert Oriwol  (Deutsche Presse)



Eh!U European Film Festival 2008, by James McNally, October 20, 2008


OMNI TV (in Ontario, go to OMNI 1-cable 4) will be featuring the September 30
media launch of Eh!U on

-- Saturday October 4, 2008: at 6:00 - 7:00 pm ET: Polish program  "Z Ukosa"
("Different Angle"); Repeat Sunday Oct. 12, 2008 at 7:00 am ET.

-- Sunday October 5, 2008, at 2.30 - 3.00 pm ET, Greek program "Edo Kai Tora"
("Here and Now"); Repeat on Saturday Oct. 11, 2008 at 8.00 - 8.30 am ET


-- Saturday October 4, 2008 at 8:30 am to 9.30 am ET: "The Dutch Touch" radio show
hosted  by Martin VanDenzen, on CJMR 1320,


“Finally, an arts & culture event for « ordinary people » and free of charge !”
par Erol Özberk, published on October 2, 2008


Le Métropolitain
« Le Festival du film européen propose une impressionnante programmation », 8 octobre 2008 par Richard Caumartin

L’Express – « Le cinéma européen débarque à Toronto » Par Khadija Chatar – Semaine du 7 octobre au 13 octobre 2008